Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sew - Felt Banner - Cheap Party Decor

Pull out the sewing machine to make something unique and customized for a party. I have created banners for several parties. They take little time, are quick to make, and are CHEAP!!! They add a little flair behind a cake table and everyone seems to enjoy them. I always use the 20 cent pieces of felt and cut them in triangles but you can cut them in any shape you want. First you decide on the words you want to spell out. Second you buy the felt, Third you cut the letters out of felt. If you wanted to be precise you could use a word editing program to blow up the letters, cut them out of paper, trace them onto felt and cut them out. I eyeball it and go with the flow. Then you sew the felt letters onto the felt pendants. Again you could use a blanket stitch to sew on the letters, or use a zig zag to go around each letter. Depending on the party I decide how up close and personal someone is going to come to the banner then I decide on sewing technique. In this example the banner was hung high, I was in a time crunch, and it was the idea that mattered more than the execution so the letters were sewn on with a straight stritch right down the middle of each letter. The last step to making a party banner is adding the string that will hold the banner together. I almost always use Ribbon...because...well I love Ribbon and happen to have a ton of it. I just lay the ribbon on the top of each banner and straight stitch down through. After this step you can do whatever else you would like to customize your banner. On this example I used silk flowers and buttons for each end of the pendant. This particular banner costs me less than $3.00 to make.

I hope you enjoy this idea and if you make your own I would love to see it.


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