Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Field Trip Picnic

Natalie's class had their end of year field trip/picnic last week. It was a lot of fun and I was asked a week ahead of time to organize and plan the picnic :). With only a week to spare I thought of ideas that I could make quickly for 43 children and have a big impact. Here is what I came up with in a week's notice: MIDWAY SIGN(in previous post) cut out of boxes, spray painted and put in the ground with sticks and skewers to take pictures in front of and to lead them to the right shelter. Some quick paper banners to decorate the shelter area. Open up a document editor make your letters big and print one on each page. Take you hole punch and string the letters through the holes, tape them on the back so they don't move around on the string. If you want polka dots like mine just use a circle punch or cut them free hand and glue to the sign to customize a bit. The other banner I cut a pendant shape out of and then printed the letters smaller in squares and glued on. It says field trip. I also made straw surrounds for the drinks and put the name of the school on them. They also have their mascot stamped on them. For the napkins I took a white napkin rolled it up and tied it around the red napkin. I figured it would be better to have two napkins then have a ribbon that would be hard to take off for the kindergarten children.

For the food we had pizza, chips, cookies(in cellophane bag tied with ribbon-my dd idea), and mini doughnuts from krispy kreme(Did you know Krispy Kreme had mini doughnuts? They are so cute!!!)

And finally, since the kids were going to the pond after they ate to feed the ducks I packaged a couple pieces of bread for each child to feed the ducks. They were individually labeled: Duck and Geese Food. One trick I have learned this year for kindergarten children they all want identical things. If one gets something they all want it so ziploc baggies have been my friend.

I hope you enjoyed our field trip picnic and hope you can use some of these ideas in your future picnics.


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