Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Package it - Bridal Shower Gifts

I had a bridal shower last Saturday for my cousin. There was definitely some gift packaging that stood out from the crowd in the bunch of gifts and I wanted to share them with the blog world. Let me try and explain a couple of them so you can get the idea. The first present was wrapped with a dishtowel set complete with an oven mit bow. You can buy these sets for around $3.00 the same price you would pay for a roll of wrapping paper or a big bag at most stores. The next 3 use containers that can be used by the recipient in their home. Very thoughtful and part of the gift. I have seen laundry baskets and trash cans used before also. I loved the wooden salad bowl filled with kitchen goodies and who couldn't use some of those white storage baskets? It's always hard to wrap towels or find a bag to fit them in. This person put them in a basket and wrapped them with cellophane. I think Cellophane makes everything seem more grand and special :). The last picture wrapped their gifts in pillowcases. These were lamp shades and they didn't want them getting crushed. Great idea to use the pillowcases since the bride and groom needed those as well. I hope you enjoy these great wrapping ideas. Please let me know if you have any special ideas of your own. Hope

Some other packaging ideas include - Towel Bridal Cake, 2 liter bottle with gift card inside, money tree


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