Thursday, May 7, 2009

Party Favors - Baked goods - Unique

I love to plan and attend parties. Among my favorite type of favors is something unique and tasty. When I plan parties I try to come up with ideas that won't break the bank, are unique, and are useful or tasty. At this particular party it was for a young couple and the only thing they gave me was their wedding would be in purple. I saw a version of this idea a long time ago and have been wanting to try it a long time so I went for it. Another thing was it had to be pretty cheap to make because my dh throws a fit if I spend too much on these types of things :) So I went to Big Lots to look for my supplies...yes I said Big Lots. They have great stuff at cheap prices. I found the blank white cd cases 100 in a pack for $4.00. Wow! What a bargain. I figured I would need approx 60 favors for this it's perfect I now have plenty of cases for my cd's as well. I bought two spools of purple ribbon for $.50 each and thank you charms for $4.00 at Michael's(in the bridal aisle). I asked the couple for a picture, printed it out on my computer and used my punches. I did back the cases with scrapbook paper that I had on hand. You could also use wrapping paper. I also used labels that I bought at Walmart for $3.00 and used my printer to print a thank you sentiment. You could handwrite the sentiment on the cd case but my handwriting stinks to say the least :). I bought the cookies to fill the cases at Krogers for $8.00. So there you have it 60 personalized favors for approximately $20.00 and very little effort.


Elizabeth said...

You are so creative! Keep those ideas flowing!

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