Monday, June 15, 2009

Banner Ideas

For fathers day why not make a tie banner. I plan on adding some letters to each tie to spell out FATHER and hanging it up on father's day. Here's how you do it:

1.) place two ties side by side and set your sewing machine on zig zag stitch.
2.) sew approximately 15 inches up from the bottom of the ties.
3.) make 6 of these 2 tie sets
4.) use rotary cutter to cut 14 inch tie banners
5.) cut off small area of remaining tie pieces to use as the banner base.
6.) sew small pieces right sides together to make long piece
7.) place tie side by side pieces right side together with small tie long piece to create banner.
8.) flip over small piece and sew again to make the tie banner pieces lay flat.
9.)Add letters or just tie up to decorate for Father's Day.



Another idea to use for a banner is discontinued upholstery swatches. Since they are already bound you would just need to put them together with some ribbon and add some letters and they are usually in the same color family.


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