Friday, July 2, 2010

Twilight Bridal Shower

We had a Visitor when it was time for the cake. We lucked out that the bride to be had an Edward cutout that we conveniently borrowed just minutes before the party.
This sign welcomed guest on the front porch and let the bride get a taste of what the "suprise theme" was going to be for her bridal shower.

Red and Black umbrellas welcomed guests to the "SHOWER" and created a fun look in the yard of the house that we were having the shower at.

The entry table was decked out with red and white roses. In fact, one of the bridesmaids bought 4 dozen roses to place all around the house for the shower. They were beautiful.

My soon to be sister in law loves twilight so we decided to throw a twilight themed bridal shower for her. In the process, me and the other hostess decided we should read the twilight books as well. I'm so glad we did they were sooooo good! We created twilight themed decor, had twilight themed decorations, and had the twilight songs on the ipod for mood during the party. Here are some details from the party:
1.) We setup several tables. At each table we decorated with one of the twilight books and the icons from the front of the book. On the cake table we decorated with the first book. We had the book on the table along with some candles and apples. The cake was decorated in a checkerboard patern with red roses.

2.) I also setup a red/white/black candy buffet. That table was setup with the last book. It had a dollar store chess board and chess pieces scattered about, some felt black and white checked pieces under the candy containers and the book. I also created twilight labels with jacob, edward, and bella's pictures on them to identify the candy. I bought red twizzlers, black twizzlers, boston baked beans, white and black m&m's, red hots, twizzler bites, cinnamon disks, peppermint disks, root beer floats, red airheads, black and white gum packs.

3.) The food table was setup witht he Eclipse book cover in mind. We covered the table in black fabric and used a piece of red fabric to weave through the dishes. some of the food was propped up with boxes. We just layered the same black fabric on top of the boxes to make it look more seamless. We used all white dishes to pop against the black fabric. We took red beads and scattered them around the table. We also had the Eclipse book on this table.

4.) The last book theme table was the gift table. We used the same black fabric for this table and used quotes from the new moon book for this table. We printed these quotes from the hostess with the mostess website. We also used printables from this website for the drink labels.

A couple other things we did was take quotes from the movies and books and created posters to hang up around the party. We printed pictures of Edward and Bella and Ricky and Kristen that sort of matched.

We also had a fun drink bar setup. We had red bottled drinks with great labels(found at hostess with the mostess) and some mini coke bottles, iced tea, margaritas, and of course bloody mary's to drink.
For favors we gave umbrellas to everyone. I told everyone it always rains in Forks so please take an umbrella. Everyone seemed to like them and I got them at the dollar store for $1.00 each.
For the games we played twilight/bride and groom trivia. I matched up questions for example. What is Forks High School Mascot. And What was the bride and grooms high school mascots.
When everyone came in the door I had them draw a name tag out of a hat. On the nametags they received either a team edward or team jacob tag. Both teams were split and asked to answer the twilight and bride and groom trivia questions. Whichever team got the most questions right won eclipse gum. I made labels for the eclipse gum that said "twilight eclipse".
We also plaid twilight bridal bingo and the clothespin game wehre you couldn't say Kristen, Ricky, Edward or Bella.
All in all it turned out to be a great shower and the bride really loved it.


lisalyn said...

What a neat shower! I have not gotten into the Twilight "craze" at all, but it sure does seem to make some fun party decor. :)
Thanks for you nice comments about the wedding. We had so many issues with all the different Fuchsia's that we were sure everything would clash with the guys' shirts being the worst...but it was all good. :)

Brad Fallon said...

The idea was great, I like the cake and the table. Nice post, keep it up!

Brad Fallon

mackyton said...

Hey, I am totally in love with Twilight Bridal Shower. The arrangements are perfect and I loved how you explained it. I also have to host a grand baby shower party for my sister. It will be a cute tiara themed party so I need suggestions for suitable event halls for rent in Chicago. Can anyone here help me?

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