Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm having a Halloween Party this Saturday

I've been busy planning and making things for our annual Halloween Party this Saturday. I'm praying it doesn't rain and get really cold because I love to do the activities outside. I've been a really busy girl coming up with ideas for this party. Here is a sneak peek of a few ideas that I have been working on(some not completely finished but will give you a general idea).
Check back next week for action pictures and lots of ideas. I have posted more details about some of these projects on my other blog - http://getsboredeasily.blogspot.com


lisalyn said...

Hey...thanks for visiting my blog....EVERYDAY!! Wow, you should have a prize just for that. :)
I think to be a follower you just need to click on the spot on my blog where it says...follow and then you'd technically be following. :) Thanks for having me on your sidebar of your blog though! That's cool.

Good luck with your party. I'm so not into the scary Halloween stuff, but there is certainly tons of Great ideas around! I'll be back to see how the party went and the rest of your details. :)

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