Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fishing Birthday party

We had a fishing birthday party for my nephew at a local fishing lake. We held the birthday party on a Thursday afternoon because the Lake gets crowded on the weekend. We got lucky and had the place to ourselves and the weather was perfect. We had lots of goldfish crackers and gummy worms on skewers. We used the goldfish cracker boxes for the goodie bags at the party. They turned out really cute. This was a great way to recycle and keep within the theme for the goodie bags. There is some great packaging out there just keep your eyes open. I made a huge fish out of fabric and stuffing and a sign that said I caught the big one at Hunter's Birthday party. I had each person fishing hold it up and took a picture for the Birthday scrapbook. I found a chipboard fish shaped book at Michaels that I took apart and ran ribbon through to make a banner for the party as well. I made big red/white fishing bobbers out of white bowls I found at dollar general. To make these you will need two bowls the same size. I spray painted one of them red and flipped it on top of the other. I drilled two tiny holes in the red bowl and strung a ribbon through it so I could hang the bobber. Then I took white duck tape and taped the bowls together. This turned out really cute. I also made several smaller versions with smaller bowls I found marked down at Walmart after the 4th of July. All in all this was a great party for an 8 year old and we caught lots of fish. ENJOY!


Lisa said...

You are SOOO clever! Love the bouy lights

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